Founded in 1981, Belov Engenharia provides its partners with experience in the most diverse areas of Port and Underwater Engineering.

Founded in 1981, Belov Engenharia provides its partners with experience in the most diverse areas of Port and Underwater Engineering.

Over the years we have been developing and presenting our customers with innovative techniques and solutions.

Belov’s activities include design and construction of ports for large vessels, structural recovery works (including underwater), underwater inspection activities, diving services, underwater welding, mooring of offshore units, complex underwater constructions, offshore engineering and services, and ROV and hydrography services.

Our engineers, technicians, divers and ROV pilots are experts in design, execution, consulting and supporting in works and services of each specialty.

Our yard in Rio de Janeiro, with an area of 180,000 m², is mainly dedicated to the oil and gas industry, providing work in offshore oil fields focused on engineering, inspection and maintenance services, providing a solid response to this demanding market.

Our yard in Bahia, located in the most sheltered area within Baía de Todos os Santos, has an area of 70,000 m², with all the infrastructure to meet the demands of port and underwater works and heavy steel structures, as well as the manufacture of jackets and topside modules for offshore oil units. In this yard, there are also machinery division, equipment division and vessels.

Our continuous policy of investing in critical equipment and new technologies in several fields make us less succebtile to supply market and demand variations, also making us more agile and competitive.

Among our many offices in Brazil, the Macaé office is stands out for its great proximity to offshore clients, while the temporary offices are responsible for the execution of port constructions throughout Brazil.

Our highly skilled engineers, technicians, workers and divers offer simple and creative solutions in the execution of the most diverse projects. For example, the construction of the underwater wall with 150m of length in Port of Aratu and the Liquid Terminal in Port of Açú.

Investment in training, combined with experience and technical skills, led Belov to be the first and only company in Brazil with certified Class-A underwater wet welders.

With an integrated, mature and active management system, our certifications on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards ensure operational quality, safety and respect for the environment.

Belov Engenharia is registered as an external specialist to perform underwater inspections on vessels and platforms at all major certifiers in the world (ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV-GL, Lloyd's, NKK and RINA).

Creativity, experience and professionalism are outstanding qualities in all Belov operations, which always works in close partnership with our customers.

If you need an engineering solution in the offshore, port or underwater industry, contact Belov. Belov Group will find a smart, safe and efficient solution for any issue you may have.



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