Mooring Engineering

With extensive experience in vessel berthing acquired through years of conception, designing and constructing ports for large ships, starting in 2009, Belov has expanded its area of ​​operation to meet the needs of our Oil and Gas industry customers and now we execute with excellence all mooring activities for offshore units for the oil production industry.

For commissioning and decommissioning of offshore units (FPSO, FSO) and vessels, BELOV has equipment and experienced staff to provide our customers with the complete package, from preliminary analysis and design to the complete installation of mooring lines, whether temporary or permanent.

One of the activities of mooring engineering is the installation and removal of mooring lines (HOOK UP), which consists of receiving and connecting the mooring lines from the support vessel, where they are connected to the unit on either system of SPREAD MOORING or TURRET, thus performing the mooring process for oil and gas production units. The reverse process of removing these lines is known as hook-out.

We are experts in:

  • Analysis, design, development of executive procedures and simulations for installation or replacement of mooring lines.
  • Planning of loading and unloading, logistics and transportation of mooring systems and cargo lifting and rigging.
  • Connecting and disconnecting mooring accessories.
  • Operating mooring winches for handling mooring lines.
  • Supply (rental or sale) of new or used equipment for mooring, lifting and handling systems, including: anchors, torpedoes, buoys, winches, mooring chains, synthetic ropes, accessories, dead man anchors, etc.
  • Manufacture and maintenance of equipment and devices for application in mooring activities: metal structures, buoys, anchors, torpedoes, suction piles dead man anchors and others.
  • Commissioning, replacement and decommissioning, offshore and sheltered waters, of mooring systems, vessel propulsion testing systems, temporary mooring systems, and others

Why Belov?

  • We carry out the entire process for the customer, avoiding interference. We do not outsource any activity, including loading and ground transportation.
  • We have a multidisciplinary team of trained professionals, with more than 20 years in the industry, and with proven experience in the largest oil and gas exploration companies in Brazil.
  • We are a leader in the market for of hook-up offshore units. We have an exclusive contract with the largest operator of Oil and Gas in Brazil, as well as many others relevant customers.
  • We have safe operating procedures for various activities for installation and removal of mooring lines.
  • We have licensed software for mooring analysis and development.
  • We also execute mooring equipment maintenance when required.


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