Synthetic Ropes

Naval cables have a high acquisition cost, a great responsibility in the anchorage activity and high potential of accident risk if they are not in perfect state of conservation.

Because we understand that this is a critical service and because we know that inspectors are not usually aware of this type of equipment, we subject our inspectors to specific training not only internally, but also to training provided by the largest manufacturers of synthetic naval cables in Brazil. That way, we ensure the quality standard of our inspections, minimizing any problem with these cables.

Often the cable is perfect, however with a problem in the hand. As these cables have a high added value, Belov developed a procedure to redo the cable in our facilities. The procedure was checked by a certifier, where a new hand was executed in the presence of an engineer and the material was sent to be broken in the factory, in the presence of the classifier’s engineer.

Thus, we are one of the few companies in Brazil with a procedure that has been tested and approved by a classifier for the repair of synthetic cables.

We are experts in:

  • Visual and dimensional inspection of synthetic ropes (Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, HMPE, others).
  • Eye splicing at the ends of the ropes by qualified professionals and with certified procedures.
  • Anti-abrasive layer repair.
  • Rental of spooling machines with team for demobilization or mobilization ropes in port.
  • Cutting of ropes for disposal.


  • We have experience in what we do. Since this type of equipment is not widely known, companies sometimes do not perform a correct assessment.
  • BELOV has already executed over 330,000 meters of inspection on synthetic ropes.
  • We have already spliced more than 500 eyes at the end of polyester fiber ropes.
  • We are one of the few companies in Brazil with an approved splicing procedure, dully approved by class after splicing and performance of break test in an accredited laboratory.
  • We use high quality resin at the ends of the rope.
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