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Belov Group's main characteristic is the search for engineering solutions for its customers. Pioneering and facing challenges is the great differential of our company.

Among other activities we offer our clients not only the rental of equipment for offshore use, but also the study of operational procedures, the field installation and the initial and / or continuous operation of the equipment.

By having a team that is familiarized with offshore jobs and experience in production units, our professionals can assist in choosing field positioning of equipment.

Other offshore services performed by Belov:

  • Rental of equipment (winches, anchors, mooring systems, buoys, etc.)
  • Execution of analysis and operational procedures.
  • Equipment operation and maintenance.


  • We have professionals with training of height works, confined space, CBSP, HUET among others, so that they are qualified to embark in offshore units for immediate service.
  • Strategic positioning in Rio de Janeiro to serve the oil and gas industry.
  • Versatility and creativity in the search of technical solution.
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