Bathymetry Surveys

BELOV has specialized and qualified Surveyors and Civil Engineers, Oceanographers and technicians capable of performing, with its own equipment, bathymetric surveys in seas, bays, canals, rivers and lagoons throughout Brazil, compliant to NORMAN-25, Special Publication S-44 and the Manual of Hydrography of the IHO (INTERNATIONAL HYDROGRAPHIC ORGANIZATION).

Among our main services, we could mention the following:

  • Modification of operational parameters;
  • Update of charts or nautical drawings;
  • Monitoring of Dredging Operations;
  • Post-dredging survey;
  • Support for nautical signaling projects;
  • Georeferencing of any construction on, under and around the margins of Brazilian Territorial Waters (bridges, port facilities, docks, cables, underwater pipelines, etc.)
  • Mapping of underwater structures;
  • Surveys in rivers, dams, lakes and lagoons.
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