Offloading Hoses

With more than 1650 hose lines in offshore units maintained in recent years for the main oil and gas operators in Brazil, we are the market leaders for inspection and maintenance of offloading hose lines for offshore units.

We have a complete structure in our yard to perform all the tests on offloading hoses in full compliance to the OCIMF standard.

If the hose is found with non-structural damage, our staff is ready to immediately perform repairs, no matter if the repair is only on the PU finish layer, the rubber layer or the floatation layer of the hose. These repairs are performed at the same site where the tests are done, which gives the customer the expected agility required in this market.

We perform the following services in floating or underwater offloading lines:

  • Visual and dimensional inspection.
  • Hydrostatic tests.
  • Vacuum tests.
  • Bending tests.
  • Electrical continuity tests.
  • Buoyancy tests.
  • Floating layer repairs.
  • Metal flange repairs.
  • Rupture and desiccation of hoses for failure analysis.
  • Disposal of hoses with Brazilian IRS (Receita Federal) for hoses brought under the REPETRO regime.


  • We have experience witnessed by the major operators of offloading hoses in the offshore market. We have already inspected and recuperated more than 1700 hoses.
  • We have a complete structure to perform the inspection, testing and repair of the hoses in accordance with the criteria of the international standards without damaging them, thus extending its lifetime.
  • We use resin and other high quality consumables in the hoses repairing works.
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