Mooring Materials

Belov has a team capable of performing inspections (including non-destructive tests) on anchors, chains, mooring buoys, submersible buoys, accessories, etc.

All equipment is inspected and maintained in our yard for offshore service support, with all the infrastructure to receive large volumes of material and weights up to one hundred tons

We have exclusive execution of maintenance of mooring material for the largest oil and gas operator in Brazil.

BELOV has already processed more than 5900 units of accessories, including: steel and non-steel buoys, kenter, pear and special links, mooring shackles, lifting shackles, swivels, grapnels, KS hooks, other special hooks, sockets, spools, valves and other acessories.

We are experts in:

  • Visual and dimensional inspection of accessories and equipment.
  • Non-destructive testing of accessories and equipment.
  • Tension test for proof load (PL) or break (MBL) on accessories.
  • Leak test.
  • Hydro blasting or sand blasting for cleaning and for painting.
  • Lubrication, preservation and painting.
  • Fitting and welding for repair of components.
  • Cutting for disposal.


  • No other company in Brazil performed more inspections and maintenance on mooring materials and accessories than us. We are the most agile and experienced in Brazil.
  • We meet all regulatory criteria necessary for inspection and maintenance.
  • We use raw materials to perform the maintenance service that have been tested and approved by our customers over the years.
  • We have enough infrastructure and equipment to meet the volume of production our customers may need.
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