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With years of experience in offshore engineering, underwater services and port engineering activities, Belov has formed a team of professionals with specialists in several sectors in its field. These professionals with more than 20 years of proven experience in offshore services are able to meet this demanding market with excellence.

At times it may seem simple, but providing manpower to operate in offshore units, whether it is riggers, winch operators, rope acess, welders, fitters, inspectors, scaffolder personel, etc., is significantly more chalanging than compared to the same activities on land.

The particularities and complexities of the offshore units require advanced training, experience and knowledge. Our teams are prepared for offshore operations and this reflects directly on the level of safety and precision in operations.

If your company needs differentiated professionals to work offshore, look for us that we will be happy to serve you.

In the same way, the administrative activities for the management of work in oil and gas market, share these same peculiarities and complexities, since the market does not allow error.

Today, BELOV has several specialists performing administrative and operational activities for its clients.

Operational Specialties performed by Belov:

  • ENGINEERING: Our engineers specialize in the most diverse activities, are able to supply our clients from the data collection to the final execution of offshore engineering, through the planning and execution of detailed operational procedures.
  • WINCH OPERATION: operation of mooring and pull-in winches and professionals for mooring activities.
  • ASSEMBLY: Execution of assembly and disassembly services of marine accessories, anchors, lifting systems, etc.
  • LIFTING: we have professionals with numerous offshore rigging operations, for lifting, packing or moving loads.
  • FITTING AND WELDING WORKS: welding services by profissinals qualified by class societies, cutting for disassembly, relocation or dispopsal.
  • SCAFFOLDING ASSEMBLY: Offshore scaffolding services with or without supply of scaffolding.
  • INSPECTION: inspection of equipment and offshore systems to meet the preventive maintenance plans or design criteria
  • ROPE ACCESS: various services provided by rope access.
  • MATERIAL SELECTION: verification, segregation, identification of origin, TAG and destination of materials and equipment received in the areas of receiving and directing to stock, shipment, alienation or repair, through sorting, in addition to segregation of materials and equipment for disposal process.

Administrative Skilled works performed by Belov:

  • STOCK MANAGEMENT: management and control of material inventory, analysis and treatment of materials without consumption, surplus and resupply point, execution of planning and management activities, physical, accounting and systemic control of materials, routine analysis and material item information available in stock and out of stock.
  • FISCAL: issuance of invoice, management of materials held by third parties and at the client's facilities.
  • SERVICE PLANNING: preparation, monitoring and closing of service orders of materials / equipment to meet internal demands, control, planning and programming of offshore services (Team / Equipment / Materials / Inputs).
  • PROCUREMENT: management and control of purchase requisitions; follow up with the buying groups of the treatment of requisitions and the issuance of purchase orders.


  • We have professionals to attend throughout the nationwide with proven experience of up to 20 years in the mentioned activities.
  • Professionals with multiple skills, with specific training and training as clients need.
  • Our professionals have training in height works, confined space, basic safety work and others specialized for activities on land or in the sea.
  • Our professionals are proficient in SAP and TOTVS systems.
  • Specialized team to carry out the services in its own base or in the clients' facilities.
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