Heavy Construction and Assembling - FPSO Modules

Our structure allows us to manufacture of large equipment that can be assembled and transported from one of the new yards in Bahia or Rio de Janeiro. Large structures with dimensions and / or weights which void land transportation can be manufactured in our shipyard in Bahia and easily transported by sea.

This capability is competitive edge we can offer our customers.

A good example of our technical capability and versatility was the construction of the Chemical Injection Package (1S-1) for an offshore unit, FPSO type, Cidade de Mangaratiba / MV-24.

The module was manufactured in our Mapele Maritime Yard (Belov yard in Simões-Filho - BA) and completed in November 2013 with a dead weight of 550 tons. Belov executed all the construction stages, from the acquisition and receipt of the materials and equipment, engineering, construction, quality control - until embark (Loadout) for maritime transportation. The project was carried out in a partnership with VME Process and classified by ABS. This platform is currently operating in the Santos basin by its owner Modec, for Petrobras as final client.

We can highlight the following activities that we perform:

  • Construction of small and large structures, including methods: cutting, machining, welding, folding, rolling, surface preparation and painting.
  • Assembly of structures of great complexity.
  • Design, planning and execution of projects involving loading and unloading of heavy structures.
  • Commissioning and decommissioning of offshore units.
  • Elaboration of projects, evaluation of repairs or improvements of mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic projects.
  • Maritime transportation of large structures.


  • We have two operational yards at strategic points in Brazil: one yard supporting oil and gas industry in Rio de Janeiro and a shipyard in Bahia.
  • Experience in construction of modules for FPSO´s.
  • We have a team with wide experience in projects involving heavy construction and assembly, having acquired experience over years of working with for most demanding offshore and onshore clients.
  • We carry out all stages of the manufacturing process, from raw material acquisition to installation at the customer's designated location.
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