Steel Ropes

In the same way as synthetic cables, as they have large diameters (up to 5½"), the steel cables used for anchoring offshore units have a high acquisition cost and a great responsibility in the anchorage activity, but with a potential risk of even greater accidents, since they can deteriorate faster than synthetic cables.

As we understand the situation of our customers, we invest in equipment, procedures and personnel training. For the inspectors, we provide adequate training to ensure the quality of the inspections and for the maintainers to enable them in the preservation of steel cables.

The visual inspection may or may not condemn a steel cable during inspection, but it is performed only on the outer surface of the cable and therefore may not be conclusive as to the quality of the cable.  Thus, the risk of cable breakage after a visual inspection is not completely removed, depending on its state.

To ensure a 100% reliable inspection, Belov is able to inspect the whole cable using the electromagnetic inspection technique. With this technique, we can inspect from the surface to the core of the cable and guarantee the reliability and safety of the steel cable.

Because it is a high-cost material, even though the cable is not perfect in all its extension, we can often take advantage of it by partially cutting the damaged part and removing and reinstalling the socket, or even making a loop in one of its tips.

We have successful executive procedures and rupture tests that were followed by a classifier to ensure the quality of our services.

We are experts in:

  • Visual and dimensional inspection.
  • Electromagnetic rope inspection up to 5.1/2 inches.
  • Automated pressure lubrication of wires.
  • Terminal installation for steel wires: installation of open or closed socket.
  • Splicing of eyes on steel wires
  • Load test (proof load) or rupture test (MBL) on ropes.
  • Rental of spooling machines and team for demobilization or mobilization of steel wires on port.
  • Rolling of steel wire sections.
  • Cutting for disposal.


  • We have already inspected and carried out the maintenance of more than 500,000 meters of steel wires
  • We have already performed more than 600 socket installations in recent years.
  • Our socket installation procedure is approved by a class society according to international criteria.
  • We have spooling machines to carry out the activity of mobilization or demobilization of the wires on offshore units or AH vessels provided by the client.
  • We have capacity to carry out all the activities in the customer's facilities.
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