Non-Destructive Tests (NDT)

The execution of NDT- Non-Destructive Testing is part of our daily routine, both in and out of the water.

We have a team at our yard that performs on a daily basis tests on materials and equipment from various customers.

In addition to working on our own yard, we have a team of inspectors trained to execute NDTs in offshore units, meeting the offshore demand of our most demanding clients.

Essays performed by Belov:

  • Visual and dimensional inspection (underwater and dry).
  • Magnetic particles (underwater and dry).
  • Ultrasound thickness measurement (underwater and dry).
  • Measurement of electrochemical potential in underwater structures.
  • Ultrassonic thickness test.
  • Die Penetrant.


  • We have NDT professionals with training in height, confined space, CBSP, HUET among others, so that they are qualified to perform inspectiono in our yard onshore and at offshore units.
  • Own personnel reducing the mobilization time and allowing to serve our clients immediately.
  • We have approved procedures in accordance with our quality management system.
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